Do you have medium to large volumes of cargo ranging from 21 kgs to +1000kgs. Our general cargo services can help you get lower rates to squeeze savings out of your supply chain as well as ensure the safe delivery of your cargo in your requested time frame.

The quality of your product is key in every supply chain.Do you have perishable and highly perishable products that need special treatment? We can assist. We offer cold chain sevices that will ensure the adjustment of temperature to suite all your product demands.

Do you want to maintain the quality of your product? You’ve come to the right place! Artwork, antiques, glassware and other delicate items can have sentimental and monetary value for the sender and receiver alike, so ensuring safety of the items during transit is of the utmost importance.

are you struggling to find a service provider to transport your awkwardly shaped cargo? We are here to assist. We outsource the highly skilled cargo handlers to monitor your shipment through every stage of transport to ensure the safe delivery of your cargo.